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The problem was rare, but severe. Anyone retro orlando magic jerseys who has held a laptop on their lap for an hour or two at a time has probably felt the warmth generated by the computer and wondered if it could possibly catch itself, or something around it, on fire. In the case of the wholesale orlando magic jerseys Sony laptop battery recall, that is exactly what happened. The batteries in a small number of computers caught fire or exploded. A few people suffered moderate to minor burns, and some property damage was caused by these detonating laptops.

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Even worse, is that the excess of bottled water being sold in North America is leading to a hideous waste problem. When you consider how much your monthly water bill is opposed to an average liter of bottled water, it is important to understand the cost difference. Bottled water companies are having to add on the cost of transportation and packaging, as well as advertising and distribution to the cost of every single water bottle sold. And as you might expect, the packaging, advertising and distribution of water bottles causes huge affects on the environment. This while turning on your tap faucet causes none. This makes no mention of the fact that the bottled water also produces a large amount of plastic waste in the environment. Each year worldwide, bottle water alone causes around 2.7 million tons of waste in landfills. And since the plastics used for bottling water are normally derived from crude oil, the environmental hazards are immense. Not to mention the fact that around 1.5 million barrels of oil each year are produced for the sole purpose of making bottles for water to be packaged in. Could that part of the reason gas prices are so high?